We’ll make sure your organisation is ready for growth using intelligent automation.
With a combination of smart technology and pragmatic consulting we'll help you set up a leaner organisation that lays the groundwork for future growth.

Streamlining operations

We implement everything needed for a seamless operation.
Project management and timekeeping
Set up best-practice based project management workflows per project administration, including timekeeping in a way that’s optimised for reporting.
Delivery and support
Set up ticketing systems and integrate them into your organisation’s workflow.
Meeting structures & Governance
Make the move to an email-less organisation and project-based teamwork while setting up the tooling and structure required to support it.
Defining team roles & responsibilities
We help you with defining roles and responsibilities for functions like project management and others to optimise your workflow.

Engagement automation

Everything from customer onboarding to quote signing
Automating customer onboarding
Interactively involve customers into their own onboarding and get all the required info around finance, PO and authorised signer beforehand.
Digital T&Cs and NDA signing
Digitise and speed up  the T&C and NDA signing by automating the process from start to finish - even integrating them into your customer onboarding flow.
CRM Integration
Connect and integrate systems into your CRM, such as lead gen tools, website forms and webinar tooling.
Standardise deliverables
Align SKUs between quotes, orders, invoices and project management to enable greater insight, improved tracking of budgets and increased efficiency.

Finance automation

Automate finance processes to increase efficiency and accuracy
Automating quote to cash
Streamline the entire process from opportunity through to payment, reduce manual operations to a minimum, integrate digital quote signing and automate all post-signature steps.
SOW and PO overviews and insights
On the back of automating quote to cash, generate sales and purchase order overviews based on signed quotes, and project future cost + revenue easily.
Automated payment follow-up
Automate reminders for overdue invoices and set up internal notification systems for invoices that are 15, 30, 45 days overdue to ensure nothing remains out of sight.
Optimise for reporting & benchmarking
Rubbish in = rubbish out, so properly structuring and grouping bookkeeping SKUs, logically and hierarchically structuring GL-accounts and aligning bookings across entities is key before moving to management dashboarding and reporting.

Management reporting

Ensure clear, accurate reporting across business functions to improve decision making.
Overall dashboarding
Link your applications and systems with PowerBI or other BI tools to  report on a large number of business metrics.
KPI setting
Turn data into actionable goals by setting KPIs for your teams and tracking them using targeted dashboards.
Leverage historic data, current pipeline and customer insights to help forecast future performance.
Business planning
Move beyond your gut feeling and base decisions on insights instead. We help you with making data driven decisions on your business’ future.

Customer stories guided by SHERPA

Global value creation agency working for technology companies. Operating offices in Amsterdam, London & Sydney.
Reduced time to cash on
international invoices
On-time delivery of projects
Decrease in overhead costs
Global RPA SaaS company helping organisations accelerate and automate their business processes.
First-time Right support
using rule-based automation
Automated deployments
YoY MRR growth

SHERPA has all the knowledge,
tools and experience
to make sure you’re ready

The knowledge

We not only understand business and strategy, but we also understand the dynamics of how an organisation works.

The tooling

We love tech. But we also understand that tech only works if it actually works and can be used to help grow companies.

The experience

As part of a group of international companies, we share our experiences and network to get you to the next stage.  

We work with leading technology

Our capabilities and tooling allow us to work with 95% of technology, legacy or modern.

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