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Public organisations in COVID-19 times: How to achieve fast digital transformation at scale.



About Silo35
As an independent strategy firm, Silo35 helps government and public organisations in the Netherlands to transform the way they operate. With their own-developed platform and methodology, they enable clients to disclose fragmented information and improve collaboration, leading to better decision making, transparent policies and ultimately – more impact.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the imperative to digitise government services has never been more urgent. In addition to meeting users’ rising expectations, governments must become more resilient and efficient so they can direct available resources to rebuild their economies. We asked Silo35 how they adopted as the working digitally and online suddenly became the default operating model.
“The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated many technological adoption processes that were predicted to be more gradual. Sherpa helped us to adapt fast while staying secure, making sure we could keep working with our clients as well as help them to accelerate their own digital shift.”

Adapting quickly to everyone, including public organisations, going remote

In response to the pandemic, public organisations had to adapt to a new world, where online meetings were suddenly the norm, instead of the outlier. While working on projects like “Hot100” with the Amsterdam fire department or “Focus 50” with regional safety agencies, we used to do a lot of in-person meetings and workshops, but with the new situation that was obviously not possible anymore.

Sherpa had already helped us to set up the necessary communication tooling to allow for online conference calls and videoconferencing. This allowed us to seamlessly continue meeting in the digital space. However, going digital makes it harder to collaborate, so Sherpa helped accelerate the adoption of online collaboration tools, so we can work together with our customers and stakeholders closely on digital whiteboards and documents.

Obviously, security is then quickly becoming more and more important, so Sherpa helped to set up the necessary governance policies and security protocols like multi-factor authentication to keep information secure and only accessible by the correct people.
key highlights
Rapidly introduced secure remote and online collaboration, internally and with external stakeholders.
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Implemented Microsoft Teams as the central communications hub, including a setup designed to collaborate with externals. This offered customers who did not have a Teams environment available from their employer the opportunity to instantly collaborate with Silo35 in a modern and secure way.
technology used
Microsoft Teams

Virtual work and collaboration is key

With workforces suddenly dispersed, we had to ensure we had ground rules and tools in place for how to engage, collaborate and share files and information without compromising security. After analysing our business and processes, Sherpa set up the entire toolkit for project management and helped us to adopt them and adapt our processes. Visual project management is important, since when you are working online the attention of the collaborators is lower, so visual information that is simple to understand is key.
key highlights
Visual collaboration and project management to ensure clarity.
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We implemented Mural as a visual online collaboration tool, mimicking the work we would normally do in real-life inside the digital realm. This not only allows for easy online collaboration with our customers, but immediately digitizes any work done for later reference and continuity. Not something easily done with a flip-over or whiteboard.
technology used

Accelerating our methodology and online platform

Our methodology for the majority of our projects is based on creating clarity around the risks involved with ‘objects’(can be anything from fire-hazards in parking garages to the risk of mold in social housing) and how to mitigate them. To support these efforts, we have built an online web-based platform that manages these projects and allows stakeholders to enter the necessary information, after which calculations generate and visualize results that show the teams on what objects and mitigations to focus.  

While this platform was already in place,Sherpa helped accelerate the use of the platform by adding robotic process automation to take a lot of the menial input and collaboration work out off the hands of users, both internally and externally.
key highlights
Rapid acceleration of manual work using Robotic Process Automation, allowing people to save time for other tasks.
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As development projects are always limited by budget constraints, we we’re able to use Yarado RPA technology to speed up the manual work around maintaining and working with Silo35’s focus platform. In doing so, we saved Silo35 a lot of additional development cost and increase speed to market for additional functionality.
technology used

Finding the partner that can help us accelerate quickly and pragmatically

While Sherpa was already involved with helping us set up our initial set of digital tooling and do more with less, we were especially impressed with the way they pragmatically and rapidly implement everything that was necessary to get us to adjust to the new way of working during these sudden changes. Within days we were up and running. The ability to quickly adapt is a serious strong point of any service provider today.
key highlights
Sherpa was key during this period as a partner that can quickly adapt with a pragmatic mindset.
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